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Questions about our chlorine dioxide Products (1)

All three products (ODOR-CLO2, DISIN-CLO2, SPA-CLO2) are identical. The only difference is in the labeling, which has been designed to cater to various marketing requirements and comply with specific regional regulations.

Questions about Odor Removal (2)

Pilot Light Precaution: When gassing a room or house for odor removal, it is recommended to turn off pilot lights for safety. While chlorine dioxide gas is not explosive, a high concentration of gas near a pilot light can cause a sudden burst, or noise similar to a firecracker or small explosion. Turning of pilot lights is a precaution that will ensure a safe environment during the treatment process.

Eliminating Residual Chlorine Dioxide Odor (Pool chlorine smell) Post-Treatment

After conducting a chlorine dioxide gas treatment with Safrax in your room, house, or car, you may notice a residual odor similar to a chlorine pool smell.

This scent is an indication that the space has been thoroughly sanitized.

While the odor can be quite distinct, it’s important to understand that chlorine dioxide gas is a highly effective agent, known for its ability to eliminate all odors, bacteria, viruses, bedbugs, and other pests.

Rest assured, the presence of this smell signifies a comprehensive sanitization process.

The odor you’re experiencing, often likened to a “pool smell,” is not harmful to your health. However, we understand it can be a bit bothersome. Here are some steps to help minimize and eventually eliminate this smell:

Please note that materials like memory foam in mattresses may retain the chlorine-like odor longer due to their porous nature.
If you find that the smell persists or have any further concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind.